Madeleine Littler is an innovative and compassionate author who is deeply committed to empowering underserved populations, fostering a lifelong passion for reading and promoting inclusive learning environments. Throughout her career, Madeleine has worked tirelessly with students who struggle with reading but crave engaging, age-appropriate literature. Recognizing the need for accessible and relatable books for teenagers, Madeleine developed the idea for InkTrail Books, a groundbreaking series specifically designed to captivate young readers with below-average reading skills while addressing the themes and challenges that resonate with them.

Madeleine’s unique approach to storytelling combines her expertise in curriculum design with her innate understanding of the interests and needs of her target audience. The result is a collection of powerful stories that are not only accessible but also inspiring and transformative for young readers.

In addition to her work in education and literature, Madeleine is an avid reader and a strong advocate for community outreach programs that support underserved populations. She believes in the power of literature to change lives and is dedicated to making the world of books more inclusive for everyone.

With InkTrail Books, Madeleine Littler has created a literary haven for young readers who have long felt excluded from the world of literature. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of struggling readers has earned her a special place in the hearts of educators, parents, and young readers alike.